We are a group of small business owners gathering in the spirit of community over competition. As creators, we know how important it is to be connected to others and learn from each other. We've all experienced what it's like to get stuck and trying to deal with it alone never seems to work out. You are not alone! Sign up below to receive our meeting updates and connect with us. You are welcome here!

Welcome to the
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Thanks for signing up to receive updates, we look forward to seeing you at Tuesdays Together!

Thanks for signing up to receive updates, we look forward to seeing you at Tuesdays Together!


November Meetups:

11-14-23 @ 6:30pm Elevate your website workshop with Alyssa and Jannan!

Join us at Cartwright Food Hall in Downtown Greer!

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Every two weeks we interview a local small business owner & Rising Tide Greenville member to share their story. We want you to know that you were built to belong, you are not alone, & there is power in community. You'll hear real stories from real people as they talk business ownership with Christi. It's inspiring & authentic conversation!

a brand new podcast hosted by christi elevating the voices of local business owners & RISING TIDE GREENVILLE members!

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From this dream, Rising Tide Society meetings were born. A meetup where creatives + entrepreneurs gather together for conversations. An open space for idea sharing and goal building. Separated by distance, but beautifully united by a shared desire to empower the creative economy. We believe that you were built to belong and that there is power in community.

It is our hope to cultivate a society of SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS who believe in community over competition and support each honestly

Beautifully United

We are a community of small business owners and entrepreneurs gathering in the spirit of Community Over Competition.

Dates, times and topics are announced each month in the Events tab in our Facebook Group! Our Facebook Group is the main place we connect with each other apart from the monthly meetings.

Small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs living and working in the Upstate area of South Carolina are welcome to join.

Some industries represented by Rising Tide are artists, accountants, bloggers, business consultants, calligraphers, caterers, coaches, contractors, DJs, doulas, event planners, fashion designers, floral designers, freelancers, graphic designers, hair & makeup stylists, interior designers, lighting & av professionals, makers, marketers & PR experts, officiants, photographers, planners, rentals, social media experts, stationers, venue owners, videographers, virtual assistants, and so much more!

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Who We Are

What to Expect

– Open discussions about topics relevant to small business owners (social media, websites, client care & more)

– The opportunity to meet and connect with others in your area who understand what is involved in running a small business

– A community of support and resources to continue growing a business you love

We believe in educating and empowering small business owners to thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition. The purpose of this group is to give you a space to check in with your colleagues, participate in group discussion, ask questions, and seek constructive support.

Rising Tide meet-ups will vary from city to city and each leader has the freedom to cultivate gatherings that best fit their local area. However, most gatherings include a discussion on the topic of the month followed by an open question and answer segment. Whether you’ve been in business for five years or five days, there are always new tips and tricks emerging in the marketplace. It is our hope that by creating a safe space for open dialog and idea sharing we can help one another to thrive.

What happens at the meet-ups?

We believe that getting out from behind your computer and building true relationships with other creative entrepreneurs is an incredible tool for success. By joining a Rising Tide Society meet-up you can expect to learn new business tips directly from your colleagues, grow in confidence, and find a network of compassionate professionals in your local area.

Why join a meet-up?

We meet at various times throughout the month, usually once a week. We offer both virtual & in-person meetings. For more details about exact meeting times, join our Facebook Group or sign up for our emails below!

Where and When do they meet?

Creative Entrepreneurs and Small Business CEOs, including: Artists, Bloggers, Boutique Owners, Calligraphers, Designers, Event Planners, Florists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stylists, Wedding Pros, Writers and more!  

Who are they for?

Rising Tide meet-ups are gatherings for small business owners who have a desire to share their knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow together. The meetings, coordinated by local industry leaders, are designed to be approachable, authentic, and uplifting. Each month, we’ll be releasing an overarching topic to kickstart the conversation and allowing the gathering to flow from there!

What are the meet-ups?


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